February 28, 2021

The number of birds in Maharashtra rises to 14,524

The number of dead birds in Maharashtra since January 8 rose to 14,524 on Friday. Bird flu or bird flu in poultry has been confirmed in 16 districts.

On Thursday, 732 birds were found dead in the state. In total, 626 poultry birds. The number of dead poultry birds is 198 in Jalgaon and 118 in Yavatmal. Fifty-four were found dead in Balkar, eight in Raigad, three in Pune, five in Satara, four in Nashik, four in Ahmednagar, 11 in Beed, 17 in Jalna, eight in Nanded, four in Usmanabad, nine in Hingoli, 33 in Amravati, 20 in Nagpur and 29 in Gondia.

Sixty-nine birds, including herons, sparrows and parrots, died Wednesday. In all, two people were killed in Mumbai, 11 in Thane, one each in Nanded, Satara, Wardha and Balkar, three each in Pune and Ratnagiri, four in Beet and 42 in Akola. Seven crows died in Mumbai, 14 in Thane, four each in Ratnagiri and Peet, three each in Pune, two each in Satara and Ahmednagar and one each in Nanded.

According to a control plan prepared by the Center, the local administration will create poultry birds within a 1 km radius of the particular poultry farm where bird deaths due to avian influenza have been detected.

Out of the total 29 places ordered for extermination of poultry birds, destruction of poultry, eggs, poultry feed and excrement has been completed in 25 places. As of Friday, 39,483 birds, eight ducks, 35,515 eggs and 53,046 kg of fodder had been destroyed.

Under the bird flu control program, the state government on Friday approved compensation of Rs 1.3 crore for poultry and other birds, eggs and poultry feed and operational expenditure for controlling the disease within a 1 km radius of the affected area.

Poultry farmers within a 1 km radius of the affected zone will be compensated for the loss caused by cutting their poultry and other birds, eggs and poultry feed. This includes mainly birds (laying hens) Rs. 20 per bird for up to eight weeks, Rs. 90 per bird over eight weeks, broilers Rs. 20 per bird up to six weeks of age and broilers Rs. 70 per bird over six weeks. , Rs.3 per hen for laying eggs, Rs.12 per kg for poultry feed, Rs.35 per bird for ducks up to six weeks and Rs.135 per bird for ducks over six weeks of age.

The cause of death of poultry has been confirmed in Barbahni, Latur, Nanded, Pune, Solapur, Yavatmal, Ahmednagar, Peet, Raigad, Thane, Gondia, Ahmednagar, Hingoli, Satara, Nagpur and Katchiroli.