January 16, 2022

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The pay schedule is coming up this Friday!

The annual inflation rate of the National Consumer Price Index (CPI) for September was 2.7%, according to a provisional decision released by Statk. With this decision, the half-year average of the index linked to the base for September exceeds the limit of 895.75 points, thus triggering a new index, the Statistics Institute reports.

The new application estimate of 855.62 points (old estimate: 834.76 points) goes into effect on October 1, 2021, resulting in a 2.5% increase in wages, salaries and salaries and pensions by that date.

The last schedule is dated January 1, 2020

This ad, ExpectedThe final and detailed results of the National Consumer Price Index for September will be released on Wednesday, October 6, following the Monthly Commission’s monthly meeting.

As a reminder, the automatic indexation of wages occurs when the inflation rate exceeds 2.5% compared to the previous index bracket, so this Friday is the same. “Inflation has risen in recent months, especially due to rising oil prices, which was unusually low in 2020,” a State Department spokesman explained. Essential. Food, furniture and various goods and services have experienced rising prices, which has contributed to the current inflation rate.

Last schedule dated January 1, 2020. Aimed at maintaining purchasing power. It was generalized to all workers in Luxembourg in 1975, i.e. in the midst of the steel crisis. Since then, it has been a matter of controversy between employers and the unions.


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