December 8, 2021

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The person who was involved in patrol was shot by the police

On Tuesday (November 9) in Oslo, Norwegian police announced that a man armed with a knife had tried to stab several people and then shot dead a man who had attacked police who had come to arrest him. A police officer was injured during an attempted arrest on a street in the Norwegian capital Bislett district, and police confirmed they did not believe the attack.

We do not rule out any motive, but at this point there is no information indicating a terrorist attack., Inspector Eagle Jர்கrgen Brecke told a news conference. Police did not want to comment on who fired the shots.

The attacker may have already carried out an attack

According to the Norwegian daily Vertenskang, he is a Russian in his thirties who was sentenced to psychiatric treatment in Oslo a year ago, already a year ago after being stabbed in Oslo. Witness videos released on social media by the Norwegian media show the suspect being attacked by a police car at least twice, shirtless and armed with a large knife.

After being thrown against a wall, the man rushes towards the vehicle, opens the door and rushes inside. “When he tried to stab someone, the police tried to run over him. He then severely assaulted police with a knife (…) and opened fire.“According to the leader of the movement, Dore Solberg, during an updated press conference broadcast by the public television NRK, he was taken to hospital and died without treatment.

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