December 8, 2021

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The pig’s kidney, which had been transplanted to a human, worked first

This is the first world that can change the lives of many waiting patients Relocation. An experiment was performed at NYU Langone Hospital in New York
Pig Genetically modified in a human. Or rather, in this context, the blood vessels of the brain-dead man, with the consent of his family.

Robert Montgomery, director of the NYU Langone Institute of Transplantation, said the kidney “worked well” within two and a half days of testing. Patient life support was discontinued after 54 hours and the test was completed, but no signs of rejection were observed.

90,000 Americans are waiting for kidney transplant surgery

Pork organs that are physiologically similar to humans are already used for certain procedures, such as heart valve replacement or skin grafting. But there are antibodies in the human body that attack a type of sugar, which is usually present in “all the cells of pigs” and thus “immediately rejects” the organ at normal times. Hence the genetic modification of this sugar-free pig.

“It’s a question of what would have happened three weeks, three months, three years later,” Robert Montgomery agrees. Transplanting pig kidney on monkey has already worked for a year. The Doctor, Interested, hopes to expand to medium-term clinical trials. “I think people, especially those in anticipation (…) will see this as a potential miracle. This is the situation of 90,000 Americans today.

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