January 19, 2022

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The Ryanair plane was forced to land in Berlin

On Sunday, May 30, a Ryanair plane providing a link between Dublin and Krakow was forced to land at Berlin airport, German police said, without giving immediate reasons. Daily Image newspaper Talks about the bomb threat. Police spokesman AFP only mentioned a “Police reason” Security measures should be taken to refuse to provide further information at this stage.

The plane, carrying 160 people, crashed on the runway at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport south of the German capital at 8:08 pm local time and remained in Dormak until early Monday morning. A spokesman said the device could be restarted once the security measures taken have been completed. According to German media, the passengers’ luggage was placed in the domain to be searched by dog ​​groups. The plane was surrounded by a large number of police vehicles.

“Ryanair’s plane makes emergency landing, gets immediate approval”, Indicated daily Picture Airport spokesman John-Peter Hague. “It is in the parking lot and police and firefighters are on site.”He added that passengers were taken to the terminal to be served food. Already last summer, a Ryanair plane forming the same Dublin-Crago route had to make an emergency landing in London following a bomb threat, which turned out to be unsubstantiated.

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