December 8, 2021

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The side effects of the vaccine will cost Australia more. Headlines Les Echos!

“Covid: The side effects of the vaccine cost Australia more” was the title of an article in Les Echos, the most serious and “mainstream” newspaper in France, which was not really a conspiracy daily. -You!

You can read this article directly on the websites here ! As you can understand, my editorial line is very simple. Never talk about rumors, but only facts that always end with official evidence that can be cited. You have to accept the delay of a few weeks between the rumors (it seems certain) and the fact that it takes a while to climb the stairs.

In short, we know “officially” that about 10,000 Australians are seeking compensation from the government after experiencing significant side effects from the anti-Govt vaccine. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the bill could be worth millions of Australian dollars!

There are two very important things in this article.

First, if there are no side effects in France, everything is going well, and the side effects for our people are stuck in the Chernobyl cloud on the border, even if there is not much customs, there is a package. Australia. This is similar to the number of patients admitted to the hospital with Govt disease in Belgium. 64% of them need to be vaccinated twice, but they are hospitalized for the mild form when they die, in the same way that it is a less severe form of Govt’s disease because everyone knows that one is protected if vaccinated. Severe forms, even if one dies. So this world goes into an intellectual trance never seen before.

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Second, the economic model of pharmaceutical companies is similar to that of banks, which means they have privatized profits and socialized losses. In fact, around the world they negotiated the absence of lawsuits over a new type of “vaccine”. It is up to the states to provide compensation to the victims. States, of course, will do everything they can to pay or not compensate.

Charles Sunnat

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