October 22, 2021

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“The situation in Portugal and Spain is very worrying,” Clement Beyonc emphasized.

10:47 a.m .: Patrick Bellex warns of “anti-vaccine” “There will be other types”

Patrick Bellex, president of the Association of Hospital Emergency Physicians in France, said he supports compulsory vaccination for everyone because “you have a new variant, and there will be others.” […] There is this virus and this infection. “People are afraid of new mutations in the virus if they are not vaccinated enough, and these new types are resistant to vaccines,” he said.

10:36 am: Vaccination centers may be set up for government employees

Announced by the Minister of Transformation and Civil Service, Amelie de Montsell In the Sunday Journal Establishment of Govt-19 Vaccination Centers dedicated to Government Employees, thus eliminating “last-ditch obstacles to expediting vaccination” by government agencies.

10:32 am: “The situation in Portugal and Spain is very worrying”

“The situation in Portugal and Spain is very worrying,” said Glend Peon, Secretary of State for European Affairs, Grand Rendezvous, who was summoned to Europe 1 this Sunday by CNN and Les Echoes, after inviting the French on Thursday. Their holidays in these two countries have been severely affected by the spread of delta variation.

10:18 a.m .: “We must undoubtedly return to a certain number of activities that were raised on June 30.”

Dominique Costagliola, director of research at Insermin, pointed out at Europe 1 on Saturday that “the government should reverse the measures raised on June 30,” as cases in France continue to rise due to the delta variability. “What we are seeing now is a significant increase in the number of young people, especially those aged 20-29, in a very large number of sectors on the mainland of France. Undoubtedly withdraw a limited number of activities. I hope one returns to a quiet zone on June 30 to develop a better vaccine. Can. “

Photo by John MACDOUGALL / AFP

9.47am: Washington “worries” about variations threatening economic recovery

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen said in Venice on Sunday that the United States is deeply concerned about the delta variant of the Covit-19 and other types that “threaten” the global economic recovery. “We are in a connected global economy and what is happening in any part of the world affects all other countries,” he said. As for vaccines, “we need to do more and be more effective,” he said.

35 722 248

Since the vaccination campaign began in France, 35,722,248 people have received at least one injection (53% of the total population) and 27,255,605 now have a complete immunization schedule (i.e. 40.4% of the total).

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8:56 a.m .: Bernard Kochner calls for compulsory vaccination

Former health minister and doctor Bernard Kochner has called for compulsory vaccination In JDD columns “With the nuances in the beginning, perhaps, this will be done according to the professions,” he promises. Vaccination is not a personal matter, he said. Denying it is a betrayal. It takes a frame. “Before proceeding:” We must get out of this glorious glory of boasting about not being vaccinated. “To convince the undecided, it is necessary for him to” bathe and persuade them with arguments “, especially a task that comes to school.

7.46 am: New cases in South Korea

South Korea recorded 1,378 new corona virus infections on Saturday, the third day in a row in a country that has long been set as a model for managing the epidemic. From Monday, Seoul will impose the most severe restrictions known to capital since the start of the health crisis for two weeks. Collecting more than two after 6pm will be prohibited, and schools will be closed, as well as bars and nightclubs.

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7:33 am: Euro-2020 final under the shadow of delta variation

The progress of the delta variant of the highly contagious corona virus has raised fears that the festivities linked to the Euro 2020 football final in the UK on Sunday evening could spread the disease further. Italy and England From 8pm London time, or 9pm on the continent, in front of 65,000 spectators at Wembley Stadium near London, the route has already been raised to 75% on the historic day for the England team. The final of a tournament for the first time since 1966. This is not a venue for meetings, especially indoors, to worry experts, and this giant festival of the round ball, with almost all restrictions in the UK in particular, has recorded 30,000 new daily cases in the past week.

I urge people not to gather in large numbers

Lawrence Taylor, Deputy Commissioner of the Meteorological Police

7:12 a.m .: A non-human who was contaminated by two types at the same time dies

A 90-year-old Belgian woman was admitted to hospital in March 2021 after a series of falls. He tested positive for Covit-19, developed severe respiratory symptoms and died five days later, suffering from two strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, alpha (British) and beta (South Africa).

6:50 a.m .: Delta variance worries global economy

The global economic recovery is particularly exposed not only to the “spread of new species” but also to “different vaccination rates” on the planet, the G20 warned on Saturday. “The only thing that threatens a solid and rapid recovery in the economy is the new wave of diversity and epidemic,” stressed French Economy Minister Bruno Le Myre.

6:47 a.m .: Academy of Medicine supports compulsory vaccination for everyone from the age of 12

The National Academy of Medicine and the National Academy of Pharmacy said in a statement on Saturday that “the vaccine is not just a drinking gesture, it is a protocol obligation” and supports the vaccine obligation for all people, which is “the only realistic option”. Additional information in our article.

Viscous chart

6:46 am: Pollution is still rising

Covit-19 contaminants continued to rise on Saturday, according to data from Public Health France released on Saturday. The number of new daily cases was 4,696, up from 4,580 on Friday and 3,006 a week earlier.

After a fall in June, under the pressure of delta variation, pollution has been on the rise for several days, making it more contagious than previous strains of the virus. The positive rate of measuring the percentage of all those who took a test was positive, rising to 1.1% on Saturday (1% the day before).

What to remember from Saturday onwards

  • The National Academy of Medicine and the National Academy of Pharmacology recommend making the vaccine mandatory for all people over 12 years of age.
  • The head of the European Commission has said that the EU has reached the target of vaccinating 70% of its adult population.
  • Because of the delta variation, the Institute’s pastor’s epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet warned that it would “end with the fourth wave as before.”
  • G20 finance ministers have warned that these categories will depend on the economic recovery.
  • Russia announced a new daily death toll (752) from the corona virus on Saturday, the fifth time since the start of the month.
  • Malta’s archipelago has announced it will close its borders to unsealed travelers.

6:45 a.m .: Hello everyone and come to this live event dedicated to the news of the Govt-19 epidemic in France and around the world.