March 1, 2021

The state raises the issue of Maratha quota and border with Karnataka

At an all-party meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday before presenting the budget in parliament, the Shiv Sena should declare the disputed area on the Maharashtra-Karnataka border as a union territory, with the Center intervening in the issue of Maratha reservation and blocking Govt-19 bloc for people and senior citizens living below the poverty line (BPL).

Shiv Sena MP and Lok Sabha leader Vinayak Routh has said that the Maharashtra-Karnataka border dispute has been pending in the Supreme Court for years. “Until the court gives its final verdict, the disputed area, including Belgaum-Karwar, should be declared a Union Territory. It will free the people living in the area from the injustice done to them by the Karnataka government,” he added.

On the issue of Maratha reservation withheld by the SC, Rawat said: “The High Court has sent a notice to the Center retaining the reservation. Therefore, the Center should consult with the State to understand its side and to stop the Maratha reservation.

He raised the issue a week after Chief Minister Uttam Thackeray asked MPs from Maharashtra to accept the issue of Maratha reservation and the Maharashtra-Karnataka border issue during the budget session of Parliament.

The army chief also demanded that the Govt-19 vaccine be provided free of cost to BPL members and senior citizens. “The cost of finance should be borne by the central government,” he said.