February 28, 2021

The Telugu poem quoted by the Prime Minister was a contestant for the National Anthem | India News

VIJAYAWADA: Many in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were surprised on Saturday when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was quoted in a speech by renowned Telugu poet and reformer Kurajatha Apparao. Nation When starting the Covid-19 vaccine campaign.
While emphasizing the need to work for the common good of all, Modi read frequently quoted verses from the 1910 Apparao poem ‘Patriot’. (A nation is made up of people, but not soil, help others while avoiding selfishness) ”Modi said in his speech.
Originally named ‘Desamunu Preminchumanna’ (Love Your Country) ‘Patriotism’ was once recommended as the national anthem. Many literary legends, including Sri Sri, patrolled the poetry of Appara as the national anthem. They considered it to have a high literary and patriotic value.
Sri Sri even wrote in his autobiography ‘Anantham’ that the patriotic song of Kurajata should have been the national anthem. Kurajata’s song is said to be very inclusive and high in literary value.
My Venu Gopal, the author who wrote a book only about this song, said that the works of Kurajata did not reach the national leadership at that time.