January 19, 2022

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The Texas Controlled Abortion Act is coming into force

This is another setback for the right to abortion in the US state of Texas, especially as the Prohibition Act came into force, Wednesday 1There is September, in the absence of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on an urgent appeal.

The Supreme Court – with a conservative majority and six conservative judges out of nine – does not need to rule before a law can come into force, so Texas has become one of the most restricted states on abortion. This law prohibits termination of pregnancy from the sixth week of pregnancy, when the fetal heart rate is observed. In this condition, many women are not yet aware that they are pregnant.

The law, signed by Texas Governor and Republican Greg Abbott in May, therefore outlaws most practices – in this conservative southern state, according to the family of planning agencies, more than 85% of women have abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

Criteria for “fetal stability”

Several organizations defending the right of women to abortion hastily seized the Supreme Court on Monday. On appeal it has not yet responded.

Prior to Texas, twelve states enacted laws prohibiting abortion when the fetal heart rate was observed. All of these laws are invalid in court because they violate the law of the Supreme Court recognizing the right to abortion as long as the fetus is not possible, i.e. up to twenty-two and twenty-four weeks of pregnancy.

But Texas said its law was different. Therefore, the implementation of this measure is not by the authorities, but “Exclusively” Citizens are encouraged to bring a civil complaint against companies or individuals who assist women in performing abortions. The text states that citizens who start the procedure will receive a minimum of $ 10,000 (less than ,500 8,500). “Compensation” If convicted

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Another regulatory law studied in Mississippi

Critics of the text see it as A “Prime” Condemnation, but its defenders have already provided forms to file online “Anonymous Information”. For practical reasons, this device makes it very difficult for federal courts to intervene, which so far has refused to help against the law.

The Supreme Court entry of three judges appointed by Republican Donald Trump, the current US President Joe Biden, has encouraged opponents of abortion: they are competing in the imagination to provide a high opportunity to reconsider its historic 1973 ruling. Against Wade recognized women’s right to abortion. The Supreme Court is set to reconsider, in the fall, the Mississippi law banning most abortions after the fifteenth week of pregnancy. It may have the opportunity to begin to unravel its legal framework by returning to the norm “The reliability of the fetus” Showed so far.

Tribune: United States: “The purpose of the laws prohibiting abortion before the threshold of possibility is to question the law in force.”

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