December 8, 2021

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The third dose of the UK vaccine has been extended to over 40s

At the dawn of a new wave of pollution by the corona virus in Europe, the Govt-19 epidemic has already killed more than 5 million people worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to a report by the agency France-Press. Sources Monday, November 15, noon.

The highest number of deaths due to corona virus were recorded in the United States (over 760,000 deaths), followed by Brazil (over 610,000 deaths) and India (over 460,000 deaths). The World Health Organization estimates that the number of deaths may be two to three times higher, taking into account the high number of deaths directly and indirectly linked to Govt-19.

  • In the UK, the third dose is for people over 40 years of age

The UK is tightening its vaccination policy and announced on Monday that people over the age of 40 can soon receive a third dose of the vaccine. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on his fellow citizens to be vigilant about the rising tide of pollution. “Our Friends from the Continent” Restore controls. “History has taught us that we can never be content.”, He stressed during the press conference.

With more than 143,000 deaths, the UK is one of the worst-hit countries by the Govt-19 epidemic. Number of cases “Rising in the United Kingdom”, Mr. Johnson stressed, “We must be vigilant”. About 12.6 million people in the UK have already received the third shot of the Govt-19 vaccine, which makes them highly vulnerable, including those over the age of 50, leading caregivers and those with health conditions.

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Experts from the Joint Committee on Immunization and Prevention (JCVI), a panel advising the government on its vaccination campaign, recommended on Monday that the recall campaign be extended to over 40, preferably Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine or half-dose modern. As soon as the recommendations were made public, Health Minister Sajid Javed announced that he would extend the withdrawal campaign. Mr Javed said he had asked the NHS, the public health service “Get ready to vaccinate eligible people as soon as possible”.

  • In Austria, the vaccine is “already effective”

Then On Sunday, I decided to imprison those who did not get vaccinated In Austria, President Alexander Schallenberg told the AFP it was a move “Tough” But who “Already Beneficial”, Quoting “Massive increase in registrations at vaccination centers”.

Austria is facing an upsurge in the incidence of corona virus pollution, which is at an all-time high since the outbreak – on average, about 12,000 new cases are reported every day in this country of 8.9 million people. “The only way out of this vicious circle is to increase the vaccination rate.”, Who “Down with shame” (65% to date), the Chancellor insisted. “I want to bring in those who have not been vaccinated, do not lock up those who have been vaccinated”Allegations of discrimination or violation of fundamental rights were set aside, he added.

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According to him, nearly half a million people in the country received a dose last week, including 128,813 for the first time, expecting restrictions to be enforced. “I can’t imagine two-thirds of the population willing to give up their freedom and accept imprisonment in unison with one-third of those who have not yet been vaccinated.”, A soul m. Schallenberg.

  • In Egypt, government employees can no longer access public buildings without vaccination or PCR testing

Since Monday, Egypt has banned officials and students who have not been vaccinated against Govt-19 from accessing public buildings and universities without a PCR screening test. This action will be extended on the 1stThere is December for users of the administration.

At the beginning of October, the vaccination rate was still 7% in the country, with its officials significantly accelerating the vaccination campaign, especially vaccination stops on mobile units and the metro, which can be easily accessed by issuing an identity card. Today, about 40 of the more than 102 million Egyptians have received at least one dose of the vaccine, according to interim health minister Khalid Abdel Kafr. However, only 14 million of them received the second dose because the country is facing a fourth epidemic.

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Wearing a mask is much less respected there, especially in Cairo’s more than 20 million inhabited megalopolis, where population density and prostitution rule, especially in its administrations, which are crowded every day of the week. In all, Egypt has officially recorded nearly 400,000 cases of corona virus pollution and more than 19,000 deaths.

  • In Latvia, those who do not get vaccinated can be fired

Latvia enacted a rule on Monday allowing employers to lay off employees who refuse to be vaccinated against Kovit-19. Elected politicians who do not have a vaccination certificate or proof of recovery will also be fired and will not receive any pay until they are vaccinated.

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In practice, it can be placed now “Compulsory leave without pay” If an employee who has not been vaccinated for three months continues to refuse the vaccine, he or she must be fired with one month’s salary for compensation.

In addition, the government has tightened the rules applicable to commercial premises above 1,500 meters.2, Restricts their access to those who have not been vaccinated. In the capital, Riga, the Domina shopping center, where these rules are already in place, was half-deserted, with a security guard checking the status of each customer.

At the same time, the government announced the lifting of the night curfew imposed three weeks earlier. “We were able to avoid a catastrophe in hospitals (…) We have had more success with the vaccine, but the war is still a long way off., Health Minister Daniels Powluts explained at a forum. According to him, the number of patients with pneumonia in hospitals is three times higher than the health system aims. About 60% of adults in Latvia are vaccinated, according to the latest data, which is one of the lowest rates of complete immunization in the EU.

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