December 8, 2021

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The “toilet war” is raging in Virginia, USA

The question, which seems so trivial, is provocative United States For many years: Including toilets
Transgender people Can they go? An ideological conflict traditionally opposed by conservative Republicans and progressive Democrats.

Ideological war

Raising the threat of “a man in the women’s toilet” they first want to force these people to use the toilets related to their birth gender. The second insists on the freedom to go to the bathroom according to their gender identity.

But the case, which erupted in Virginia last May, is further proof that what the Conservatives are saying is right. At Stonebridge High School in Ashburn, there was reportedly a young girl Raped The 14-year-old boy in the bathroom identified himself by wearing a skirt Sex fluid.

The Obama and Governor campaign

The matter has become political since Glenn Young, a Republican campaigning for power in Virginia, took over. This met with a positive echo among millions of conservatives in Virginia and other states, attracting what they call “pro-transgender extremism”.

Democrats and their candidate, Terry McAuliffe, fear a defeat comparable to a national pole in Virginia, in this highly polarized state. Tuesday’s election should also act as a barometer for the celebrity Joe Biden. The party called for help
Barack Obama, The most popular of the Democrats. At a meeting on Saturday, the former president denounced it as “a hypocritical cultural war, a new invention.”

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