January 19, 2022

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The water bombing plane crashed into operation without causing any casualties

Climate situation in Greece Is very worrying. This Sunday afternoon, a water bomb crashed during an operation on the Ionian island of Sante. Its pilot is safe and good, however, AFP learned from Greek firefighters.

According to the same source, the Betzetel type plane was involved in a small firefight on an island west of the Greek mainland when it crashed for no apparent reason.

The devastated island of Evia

More east, On the island of Avia in the fire, Thousands of people suffered as “dead alive” on Sunday as thousands of people set fire to their villages and lands.
Wildfire wave in Greece and Turkey. “The war continues,” Greek Civil Defense Minister Nicos Hartalias declared, declaring “another difficult night” for Greeks and firefighters.

In case of most fire Graduated in Turkey, The catastrophe on the second largest island in Yupoia, Greece, was of great concern in the country. “We experienced a fire, but this situation is unheard of,” laments Nikos Papayonov, a resident of KwaZulu-Natal, before being evacuated after a fire broke out in his village.

After six days of blazing fire, this tongue wedge between Attica and the Aegean Sea provided an apocalyptic panorama. On the roads, residents spray their land with water, while fires in dense woods.

Greece and Turkey have been experiencing exceptional heat waves for almost two weeks. The blaze killed eight people in Turkey, two in Greece and dozens of hospital patients.

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