January 19, 2022

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These French sites entered the UNESCO World Heritage – West-France evening edition

The Gordovan Lighthouse and the city of Vichy (Allier) in Gironde were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List on Saturday, July 24, 2021, during the 44th Session of the World Heritage Committee in Fuzhou, China.

(Map: Oyster-France)

It is universally recognized. C கோrdoba lighthouse and city Vichy (Alliyar) Saturday, July 24, 2021 is engraved on the UNESCO World Heritage List 44th Extended Session of the World Heritage Committee organized in Fuzhou, China.

Created in 1972, this list lists all the properties it offers “Best Global Value”, Highlight Website of the Ministry of Culture.

“This means that it has such exceptional cultural and / or natural significance that it transcends national boundaries and is equally precious to future and future generations of mankind. Therefore, the permanent preservation of this heritage is not the sole responsibility of the state party or the asset manager, but of all mankind.”

As of 2019, the list includes “873 cultural properties, 213 natural properties and 39 mixed properties, 51 properties are engraved on the World Heritage List”, Mention from our colleagues Actu.fr .

UNESCO sites are located in 167 countries around the world.

Cordovan lighthouse

Kordovan, nicknamed the “King of Lighthouses”, was built between 1584 and 1611. An exceptional building located at the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean and on the shores of Gironde, it was the first lighthouse to be classified as a historical monument in France in 1862.

The last sea lighthouse inhabited in France and the second lighthouse recorded by UNESCO after La Coruna in Spain, the Impounded Light Stone Tower marks the entrance to Europe’s largest garden, seven kilometers from Verton-sur and capricious currents and tricky rocks Merndo (Zarro) Ten) from Maritime).

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Lighthouse keeper Thomas Dalison, 38, cleans a lamp at the Gordovan lighthouse outside Verdon-sur-Meru in southwestern France on June 10, 2021 (Photo: Philip Lopez / AFP)

The decision was welcomed by Culture Minister Roslyn Bachelot on the social networking site Twitter.

Built on a plateau that reflects itself in low waves in green and blue reflections, the Kordovan lighthouse is only shown to the public in the summer, if the sea so desires.

“Its appearance, its architecture, its security status, its history, its complex approach… It is a fortress! “, Reference to 69-year-old retired Agency France Press Jacks “Fan de Fare” Came from Nantes. “In addition, it is a smiling lighthouse whose color is less than that of granite from Brittany. “

On June 10, 2021, in southwestern France, the lighthouse keeper Thomas Dallison explains to the audience that he finds the Crdoba Lighthouse at low tide from Verdon-sur-Mer (Photo: Philip Lopez / AFP)

This site is one of the most visited in the region. With the exception of the health crisis, less than 24,000 tourists do not find it every summer Govit-19. Its protection is managed by the Mixed Syndicate for the Sustainable Growth of the Gironde Garden (Smidest).

Vichy, Spa Town

Another good news from France at UNESCO: Vichy. The city of 25,000 inhabitants of Allier also made the list United Nations Inside “Europe’s Biggest Water Cities”, European water treatment jewelry was very popular in the early 18th centurye Century and the beginning of the XXe Century.

Seven countries submitted this registration document to their eleven cities “Nine years ago”, Refers to the radio France Blue Base D’Awaregne : Bad Emms, Baden-Baden, Bad Kissingen (Germany); Baden Bee Wein (Austria); Spa (Belgium); Vichy (France); Montecadini Term (Italy); City of Bath (United Kingdom); Fransenspot, Karlovy Vary, Marianpat (Czech Republic).

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The Traditional group Recognized the global value of these cities ” Formed around different mineral water sources, which were the catalyst for the modeling of the spatial system dedicated to healing, treatment, recreation and social activities. “

Vichy’s mayor, Frederic Aguilera, welcomed the decision on his Facebook account “Historical”.

This list “Creates a strong lever to widely discover the heritage of Vichy and strengthen the influence of our city across borders.”, Also considers the city council.

Who will be next?

If France already counts 47 places have been registered In the UNESCO World Heritage List. Thirty-seven other sites are already in startup modules Marking lists Established by the states and proposed to UNESCO.

Among them are several landmarks in the West, such as the D-Day Landing Beaches in Normandy since 2014, Karnak’s megalithic platform (1996) Gorndே’s salt marshes in Morbihan or Lower-Atlantic (2002)