December 8, 2021

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Three white men attempted the “brutal” murder of Ahmed Arbury



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L. de la Mornais, B. Laigle, K. Sullivan – France 2

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In Georgia, three whites are being prosecuted for the murder of a black jaguar named Ahmed Arbury. At the material time, in February 2020, this crime, described as “hateful”, turned public opinion into slander.

Several protesters have appeared in court for the attempted murder of three men in connection with the February 23, 2020 murder of Ahmed Arbury. A young jaguar was shot dead while a father and his son were patrolling a residential area. The 25-year-old, who was jogging, stopped because he was enjoying a house under construction. Suspicious in the eyes of Gregory and Travis McMichael is attacked by two men before being shot.

While Ahmed Arbury is lying on the floor, the father tries to comfort his son. Like the police, they seem to be considering who fired the shots. The two men were arrested just three months after the murder. The murder was described as being carried out by Ahmed’s bodyguards. “I think Ahmed was killed because he was black. He was white.”, Explains his mother Wanda Cooper-Jones.

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