February 25, 2021

Toyota is investing hundreds of millions to increase gas engine production

WV workers will grow quickly.


This is not all hybrids Electric cars, Folks. Far from it. In fact, Toyota needs more petrol-powered engines, and not its cheaper inline-fours. On Thursday, automaker said it was investing $ 210 million at its plant in Buffalo, West Virginia, to increase production of V6 engines.

This is good news for employment in the state as Toyota will have to hire 100 more staff to create a new third shift to operate in this space. He said the Toyota plant is busy putting out engines for the most popular RAV4Therefore, the production of the expanded V6 engine will require additional manpower.

With the new machinery and equipment in the V6 engine line-up, money will especially help to create a flexible production line. Toyota says the move will help the company respond to higher demand at various plants that make cars with six-cylinder engines across the United States and Canada. Every month a further 5,900 engines leave the plant for more than 70,000 a year. Even when switching to industrial electrified powertrains, it is a clear indication that Toyota is seeing value in petrol engine production. Mass EV We are still a long way from adoption.

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