January 16, 2022

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Trump launches interim election battle in front of thousands of supporters

On stage for the first time since leaving the White House, the former U.S. president did not cut short on words to qualify his successor Biden to begin the decree.

Donald Trump officially launched his campaign for the U.S. midterm elections on Saturday, finding out the situation of the meetings he wants in Ohio, already with one eye fixed in 2024.

The Tribune, famous for its outdoor meetings with supercharged atmospheres, has returned for the first time since he left the White House five months ago, during a one-and-a-half-hour energetic speech with all the symbols of these meetings.

He said in his introduction that this was “the first meeting of the 2022 election” and that the event was organized in support of the Republican candidate for Congress. “We are going to hold the House (of the House of Representatives) accountable and we are going to take over the Senate,” he stressed.

“We won the election twice.”

While reiterating electoral allegations of being “stolen” by Democrats in 2020, the former president approached all of his favorite themes by painting a portrait of America running “to its destruction” under his successor, Joe Biden.

“We have won the election twice and we have a chance to win it a third time,” he said, sparking excitement from thousands of supporters who had gathered for his visit to Wellington, near the industrial city of Cleveland.

The 75-year-old real estate mogul has yet to openly acknowledge his successor’s success. On the contrary, despite his dozens of complaints being rejected, including the judges he appointed, he continues to cry over election fraud.

“Joe Biden is destroying our nation, right before our eyes,” he said. “Who knows what will happen in 2024, we will not even have a country!”, He shouted.

The tribunal, which has been banned from social media since the January 6 assassination attack on Capitol Hill, has already made two key public speeches since leaving Washington. But the very humble atmosphere of the conservative stations has nothing to do with the circumstances of these meetings, where the former president will never stop calling the exaggerated public, and the victories are connected with loudspeakers.

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Promising to play a major role in the major midterm elections of November 2022, he reaffirmed his strategy of supporting pro-Trump candidates. A rally was held Saturday night in support of former Donald Trump adviser Max Miller, who is running against House Republican Anthony Gonzalez.

The latter, representing Ohio, was one of ten Republicans in the lower house of 211 who voted in favor of the charge of “inciting rebellion” during Donald Trump’s indictment. The former president was finally released by the Senate in February 2021 after being accused of encouraging his supporters to attack Capitol, where parliamentarians had gathered to ensure Joe Biden’s victory.

Since then, the stormy New Yorker has vowed to do everything he can to ensure his rare Republican criminals are not re-elected.

“Anthony Gonzalez is a false Republican and a disgrace to your state,” Donald Trump said Saturday, praising Max Miller’s skills instead. “Max will be tough on immigration … he’s going to defend Ohio jobs just like I did.”

Some supporters had camped there for several days to make sure to see the millionaire. We were able to see a crowd of T-shirts called “Trump 2024” aimed at promoting the former president, which raises the prospect of a new presidential candidate.

“I came here to support Trump and run for president in 2024,” said 52-year-old Philippe Messi, who was waiting for the event to begin in the summer heat. “Biden is terrible, he didn’t do a good job,” he said, while “Trump has created jobs.”

Joe Biden was “the worst president” because, for his part, 57-year-old Laura Benaz judged that she, like many others, did not believe in the defeat of the Republicans in 2020 and was talking about “the deepest corruption in the US government.”

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Despite the forced silence on major social networks Twitter and Facebook, Donald Trump remains very influential among Republicans. And he wants to strengthen his public presence in the coming months.

As of Wednesday, he will travel to Texas and cross the border with Mexico to discuss illegal immigration, one of the central topics of his presidency. He will then hold another large meeting on July 3 in Sarasota, Florida.