January 19, 2022

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Two killed in oil tanker attack in Oman, now under control

Two crew members were killed in an attack on a tanker without cargo in the Arabian Sea, its owner Zodiac Maritime, which owned the Israeli billionaire, announced on Friday, July 30th. Security experts have raised the hypothesis of an Iranian attack. The attack took place in a strategic area already targeted by Israeli ships.

« With great sadness, we learned of the incident on the ship M / D Mercer Street Two crew members died as a result: a Romanian national and a British national. “, Announced, On Twitter, Zodiac Maritime, an international company headquartered in London. « We can now confirm that M / D Mercer Street He goes to a safe place with the US Navy under the control of his crew »The company later added. The latter is owned by Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer and ranks 197the Forbes’ richest man has a net worth of $ 11.3 billion.

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According to UKMTO Maritime Operations Platform, The British Naval Anti-Smuggling Agency reported the attack on KST at 8pm on Thursday while walking about 152 nautical miles (280 kilometers) off the coast of Oman. « At the time of the incident, the ship was in the northern Indian Ocean » The owner of a Japanese ship says he sailed from Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam to the coastal city of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates without cargo.

“Significant increase”

A British national who died in the attack worked for the security firm Umbrella, whose spokesman confirmed the death. “Sad” A. of his employee “Security Incident”. A representative of the British Ministry of Defense also said that it had its headquarters in the region “We are currently conducting investigations”.

The Arabian Sea is located between Iran and Oman, at the exit of the Strait of Hormuz, through which the bulk of the world’s oil passes and the US-led alliance operates. Shipping in the region was a frequent target of theft a decade ago, but incidents have dropped significantly in recent years, following an increase in naval patrols from several countries. Investigators have linked the attack to previous incidents. Two ships operated by the Israeli company Ray Shipping were attacked earlier this year.

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Mir Javadenfer, a security expert at ITC Herslia, an Israeli university, said Iran “Probably” Behind this attack. According to him, the Iranians “I feel a disadvantage in response to the Iranian attacks on Israel.”, As April 11 explosion at the Natance nuclear complexCalculated by Tehran for the Hebrew state.

“Attack M / D Mercer Street It is now considered the fifth attack on a ship attached to Israel, Noted In a press release Analysts at London-based maritime security firm Trit Global cite the latest “Revenge in the Shadow War between the Two Powers” .

However, it does represent the deaths of two team members “Significant increase in events”The ruling Triad Global has announced that its customers are now at risk for merchant ships linked to Israel and Iran in the Gulf waters. “Increased”.

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