March 1, 2021

Two people have been arrested for killing a couple at their home in Greater Noida

Noida police on Sunday arrested two persons in connection with the murder of a couple at their home last week. Narendra Nath, 70, and his wife Suman, 65, were killed in their bungalow on Friday morning in Alpha-2, Greater Noida, police said. Narendra is a relative of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath.

The main culprit, known to the victims, and another person are on the run. One of the accused, Vision, was arrested after a brief encounter, while another person, Dev Sharma, was taken away from Madhya Pradesh.

“The incident was investigated by six teams and monitored by the commissioner. Through digital evidence and questions, we saw the main accused Rohit known to the family. It seems that Rohit and his accomplices planned to rob and kill the couple. Four people are involved in this conspiracy, ”said Rajesh Kumar Singh, DCP (Greater Noida).

According to police, Narendra was running a spare parts business in Delhi. Rohit, who does not have a regular job and has been involved in robberies before, is said to have been friends with Narendra and often comes to his house. “Rohit had borrowed from Narendra” Narendra’s wife also got into an argument with Rohit over this. Despite this, the accused visited the house, ”said DCP Singh.

Police said the couple had a party Thursday night and the incident happened after the guests had left. Defendant allegedly strangled Narendra with a belt and muffler and shot Sumana who was on the floor above. The bodies were found by a relative who went to their home on Friday morning as the couple did not answer calls.

Police said they initially found the contact numbers of Rohit and Sharma on the victim’s phone. Police said the suspects had booked a vehicle to take them to a hotel. Two of the accused fled to the MP’s Gwalior and teams were sent to investigate their families.

After questioning relatives and locals, police received information about the whereabouts of the accused, following which Sharma Dev was arrested from the MP’s Sialuli village. Later, Rohit, Vishan and Subhash were detained near ADS crossing on Sunday evening in Greater Noida.

Vishan was arrested by police, while others escaped, police said.