January 16, 2022

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Two people were injured in a new knife attack in Germany

Two people were stabbed to death on Monday 28 June in Erfurt, Germany, and one person arrested later was reported by local police. Passers-by aged 45, 68 have been admitted to the hospital. Their days are not in danger, said Duringia city police, who land in the center of the country.

The attacker, who managed to escape, was later arrested at his apartment and further injured. The 32-year-old Erfurt police said he sustained injuries.

The motive for the attacks is yet to be determined, police said. The suspect and the victim did not know each other. “No sign of politically motivated crime”, Police said.

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The attack comes three days after a 25-year-old Somali man with mental health problems was stabbed to death Three people were in the center of the Bavarian city of Worcester before being arrested.

In this previous case, investigators are trying to determine whether the attack was – a “Incredible Brutality”, According to a local elected official – triggered by an Islamic extremist or by the mental disorders suffered by the accused.

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