January 19, 2022

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U.S. documents raise warning against delta type

The delta variant of the corona virus, in a few weeks, is the cause of summer irresponsibility, with countries such as the United States or Israel assuming they are recovering from the problem, in the middle of the summer, with control measures.

The Govt-19 epidemic has killed nearly 4.2 million people worldwide since the end of 2019, according to a report established by Agency France-Press (AFP) on Friday, July 30, from official figures provided by officials in each country. But the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that these deaths are two to three times higher if the number of deaths directly and indirectly linked to the disease is taken into account.

  • U.S. documents warn of delta type

On the Staten Island boat, July 30, 2021 in New York City.

The delta variant of Govit-19 is as contagious as the chickenpox, probably having more severe effects than its predecessors, and the affected population appears to be spreading, whether vaccinated or not, according to official U.S. documents.

These findings, based on scientific research, will appear in a presentation circulating internally within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the leading healthcare organization in the United States. Revealed by Washington Post, These documents, the authenticity of which has been confirmed to AFP, are a warning to those responsible: “The war has changed.” CDC Director Rochelle Valensky relied on the presentation data for two days to re-recommend indoor masks to people who have been vaccinated in high-risk areas.

The presentation was based on an analysis conducted specifically in the state of Massachusetts, where nearly 900 Govt-19 cases were detected after the July 4 National Day celebrations, although three-quarters of those who attended the event were vaccinated. However, there was “There is no difference” According to the CDC presentation on the viral load of vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals in the nose and throat. In contrast, according to the local hospital site Masslive.com, there were few hospitals (seven to date) and no deaths related to this outbreak.

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What an invention “A key factor in changing the CDC’s recommendations” In the mask, New York University epidemiologist Celine Counter told AFP: “It’s not to protect those who have been vaccinated.

In addition, CDC documents show that pollution from vaccinated people is not as rare as previously thought “Of the 162 million vaccinated Americans, 35,000 are symptomatic infections per week”. According to international studies, Covid-19 was initially a flu-like epidemic, but turned out to be comparable to the chicken pox, the CDC judge said – an average of eight people affected by the delta variant – still have measles.

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  • According to the WHO, the delta variant should encourage people to act quickly and not specifically target children

A warning that the delta variant of Covit-19 should be encouraged to act quickly before the most dangerous mutations appear, the WHO stressed on Friday. “Delta is a warning, it tells us the virus is developing, but it’s a call to action and something must be done before dangerous forms appear.”Dr. Mike Ryan, in charge of emergency situations at the WHO, underlined. But he wanted to anticipate the consequences of this mutation of the virus, which has already killed more than four million people since the end of 2019.

“The same steps we used before will stop this virus, especially if you add the vaccine and they will stop the delta type.”, Hammer Dr. Ryan. “On average, a person infected with this virus, if it is a carrier of the disorder, will infect a large number of people, unless we continue to use measures that reduce transmission such as body area, wearing masks, and hand hygiene., He explained.

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In addition, the delta variant of Govit-19 was not specifically targeted at children, contrary to some hypotheses the WHO said Friday, reporting an increased infection rate. “In all age groups”. “I’m very clear: we do not see the delta variant targeting children in particular.”, Said American expert Maria van Kerkov, director of the Kovit-19 technical team. There are charges “Types specifically target children but in reality, they do not.” What we see is that differences target those who are socially mixed. ” Expert added.

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  • For American employees, Walmart is rediscovering the mask, Disney is demanding the vaccine

Two major U.S. employers took new action Friday against the Delta genre: Walmart asked all its employees to put the mask back on areas where the corona virus is active, while Disney has made it mandatory for all its employees to be vaccinated. The results come just days after the CDC’s new recommendations, which again suggest that even those who have been vaccinated should wear the mask indoors in areas where the virus is circulating.

For customers, Walmart, the number one retailer in the United States, plans to put up posters at the entrances of its companies to promote them. “Strong” Cover the lower part of the face without forcing. But Walmart states on its website that employees working in supermarkets, warehouses and offices will need to wear a mask whether they have a serum or not. Disney re-introduced the mask to visitors this week in the closed areas of its theme parks. On Friday, the entertainment company gave all its non-union workers sixty days to get fully vaccinated and began negotiations for the union workers.

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Google and Facebook also announced on Wednesday that their employees should be vaccinated against being brought to their premises. According to the American media, Uber followed suit on Thursday.

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