January 19, 2022

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UN withdraws Gabonese peacekeepers from Central African Republic after allegations of sexual abuse

The United Nations has decided to withdraw about 450 Caponian peacekeepers from the peacekeeping force in the Central African Republic, and the government is investigating in Libreville after allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse. Capones Ministry of Defense.

In recent weeks, there have been reports of certain gravitational forces and forces of honor contrary to military protocol made by certain elements of the Caponian battalions (…).», Writes the Ministry. “Following the implementation of a number of allegations of sexual abuse and abuse, the United Nations today decided to withdraw the Caponis group from Minusca.“, UN work in the Central African Republic, and”An investigation was opened by Capone», Refers to the text.

La Minusca called on the UN in April 2014 to end the bloody civil war that followed the uprising against President Franசois Pogzo last year. The coalition of armed groups that overthrew him, Seleka, the Muslims, and the coalition of fighters dominated by the ousted head of state, the Balkars and the Christians and spiritualists, peaked from 2014 to 2015.

The Civil War has since drastically declined, but Minusca has about 15,000 workers in this poor Central African country, of which 14,000 are in uniform, with the priority of protecting civilians. Sex crimes and crimes against peacekeepers are recurring in the Central African Republic, with some groups withdrawn in the past, but no investigation has at least been publicly punished to date.

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