December 8, 2021

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United Kingdom: He confessed to raping dozens of corpses at the morgue

The case shook the UK. A 67-year-old man admitted on Thursday that he had sexually abused dozens of corpses in mortuaries for years.

David Fuller was arrested in late 2020 for the 1987 murder of two young women aged 20 and 25 in Kent. They are also accused of raping them after they died.

But during their investigation, investigators also found that the suspect, an electrician working in hospitals, had raped dozens of dead bodies in the morgue. During a search of his home, police obtained their hands on hard drives that “reveal evidence of numerous sexual offenses never before seen by any British court”, the British, CBS prosecuted. A total of 14 million images appeared on hundreds of hard drives and floppy disks, according to Sky News.

The person photographed himself

“Between 2008 and 2020, Fuller filmed and photographed the sexual abuse of dozens of women and girls’ bodies in two mortuaries at Dunbridge Wells Hospital in Kent.”

Before his trial, David Fuller pleaded guilty to 44 autopsy attacks, but investigators say the number may actually be much worse. They estimate the number of victims to be at least 100, of whom 81 have been identified and some of them are minors. According to Sky News, they are between 9 and 100 years old.

The gruesome confession of a sixty-year-old man plunged England into fear. Health Minister Sajid David announced on Monday that he would launch an independent inquiry into the matter “to understand how these crimes may have taken place in the past”. Before parliament, the minister even issued his “apology to friends and family of all the victims.”

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