January 19, 2022

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Unprecedented death toll in Russia, new twist on screw in Sydney

The Govt-19 epidemic has killed at least 4.3 million people worldwide since December 2019, according to a report established by the agency Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Friday, August 13 from official sources. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the number of cases may be two to three times higher.

  • This is the third consecutive day of unprecedented deaths in Russia

Russian officials linked 819 deaths Saturday to Covit-19 in twenty-four hours, a record that has not been reached due to delta variation and a sluggish vaccination campaign. Despite this situation, most restrictions have been lifted to protect the economy, especially in Moscow, the epicenter of the epidemic in Russian territory.

The report brings the number of deaths registered by the government due to the epidemic to nearly 170,000. This figure is partial because it only takes into account post-mortem deaths that are the primary cause for Govit-19. The Russian statistics firm Rosstad has a broad definition, reporting more than 300,000 deaths by the end of June 2021.

The epidemic wave caused by the delta variant was so deadly that, according to Rosstat, about 21,000 people died in June alone. 30% of the population has received at least one injection, while the campaign began in December 2020. President Vladimir Putin ‘s calls for vaccination have not accelerated.

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  • In Guatemala, a state of emergency was declared as the epidemic re-emerged

People are waiting in line to receive the dose of the modern vaccine at the vaccination center in San Juan Sacadebeques, Guatemala, on Thursday, July 15, 2021.

In order to deal with the rise of Govt-19 cases in the country, he declared a state of emergency for thirty days, with a curfew order from Sunday night. This result is caused by the proliferation of infections, which are due to the delta type, “More serious” More than any other strain, Jiyamathai said in a televised speech on Friday.

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Guatemala, with a population of about 17 million, has recorded 4,000 new epidemics a day, with nearly 410,000 cases and more than 11,000 deaths since the epidemic began. Under the emergency law to be approved by Congress, a night curfew will be enforced from 10pm on Sunday to 4am on Sunday.

The text is intended to expedite the purchase of materials to combat the epidemic, to establish minimum and maximum prices for basic necessities, and to prevent mass gatherings.

  • The new twist on the screw in Sydney is limited to eight weeks

On August 12, 2021, masked travelers at a quiet center in Sydney as Australia tightened controls to prevent the spread of the Govt-19 epidemic.

Sydney, Australia’s largest city, will tighten controls as it enters its eighth week of locking up, officials said on Saturday. “Worst day since the outbreak”. To survive the epidemic for a long time, Australia suffers from the impact of pollution caused by the delta variation, which threatens its strategy “Zero Govt”.

More than 10 million people are stranded in the country, especially in the country’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, and the capital, Canberra. As of Monday, people who fail to comply with the strict regulations will face severe penalties because the measures taken so far have not been able to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Control measures have been extended across the state of New South Wales for the first time this year. They went into effect on Saturday afternoon for at least seven days. Police patrols and checkpoints will be strengthened, while hundreds of soldiers will be responsible for ensuring strict compliance with control.

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