January 16, 2022

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USA: Secret Services Melania Trump “Rapunzel”

We know: Melania Trump confirms after the affair of Donald Trump’s porn star Stormy Daniels To punish her husband for public humiliation That he provoked her. In the book, which will be released on Tuesday, it CNN Readable, Stephanie Grisham, the former First Lady’s chief executive who was a spokeswoman for the White House, recounts how she wanted to return her coin during a Union State speech. An important moment in political life And Democratic American.

In January 2018, the Washington Post revealed in 2006 that Trump had an affair with Stephanie Clifford, i.e. Stormy Daniels, just months after Melania gave birth to her son Baron. As the presidential election draws to a close, Trump’s personal lawyer He paid the actress $ 130,000 to cover her mouth. Until the secret is shattered. “I felt that Mrs. Trump was embarrassed, and he must feel embarrassed,” Grisham writes. “I don’t want to be like Hillary Clinton. Do you understand what I’m saying?” After the revelations about Monica, she took her husband’s hand and walked to Marine One, which did not look good, ”Melania told her colleague, referring to the Monica Lewinsky affair.

She asks for a very “beautiful assistant”

After that, at the request of his boss, the chief spent time selecting the most “handsome assistant” from the White House military office. The mocked woman called Capitol “the most slippery sites.” “I looked at myself and smiled because I saw this woman walking with her heels on the worst dirt roads …” Above all, Melania wanted to appear as a luxurious young man in uniform in all the photos with her.

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Melania Trump comes under escort on Capitol Hill for Union State on January 30, 2018. AFP / Jim Watson

Photos, very interested in Melania. According to Stephanie Grisham, the first lady devoted a lot of time to it. To commemorate these four years at the White House, thousands of photos have been printed, selected and carefully arranged in bold albums. This long-standing hobby took up the entire hour of his schedule, otherwise devoted to carrying out his “meal”. That is: plenty of sleep – not waking up before 10am – meditation, all kinds of care. Melania Trump spent most of her time in a private apartment on the 2nd floor of the Executive Residence, where, according to Grisham, the Secret Service nicknamed her “Rapunzel” because she was in her tower and did not go down.

Between his massages, his photos, thorough reading Everything written and said about her Ivanka, the ubiquitous daughter of Donald Trump, was nicknamed the “Princess” by Melania because of the time she spent in the media, or implementing the protocol. Eastern Division Offices. “Ms Trump worked from home before she left the country,” the former co-worker asks. “During the warranty, we held face-to-face meetings, but these usually took place in the cardboard room in front of the residential elevator, where we planned tables, answered urgent questions and discussed motives.

There is no evaluation for his action

Laura Bush wanted to fight illiteracy, and Michael Obama made childhood obesity his war horse. After four months in office, Melania Trump Found his fight : “Be the Best” was a program to combat juvenile delinquency amid the “frequent” negative use of social networks. But the tricky, balance note is nowhere to be found and Stephanie Grisham says nothing about it.

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Tuesday, after an article Frantic In the Washington Post, Donald Trump denounced the opportunism of “shit-pack publishers.” “MAGA Movement (Make America Great Again) And we are completely accustomed to ourselves. And one day, in the distant future, we will find our voice again and be treated fairly by the press, ”he replied. “This book is an attempt to rescue us after poor performance, failed personal relationships and unprofessional behavior at the White House as a collaborator,” Melania Trump’s office said.