January 19, 2022

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Video – “A War Zone”: Pictures of Kabul Airport are now in Taliban hands

Direct – Following the withdrawal of the last American soldiers from Kabul, the Taliban quickly regained control of the now deserted airport. Our Special Correspondent, Lyser Boudouil, says the abandoned cases of Afghan citizens are a testament to the crisis there.

This is the first time TF1 groups have entered the walls of Kabul airport. From Monday, August 30 to Tuesday night, August 31, the last U.S. troops left Afghanistan and left the empty airport.

Just 24 hours before the end of the day on August 31st, President Joe Biden had earlier arranged for the complete withdrawal of the remaining troops in the country, and after difficult evacuations, the sometimes bloody, terrorist-following. An Islamic State group carried out an attack on Thursday that killed at least 85 people on August 26.

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Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

Until then, it was these US forces, with the help of other international powers such as France, that maintained at all costs an air traffic from the airport to evacuate international civilians and Afghan civilians seeking to leave the Taliban. Since the fall of Kabul on August 15, Islamic rebels have established themselves as masters of the country, just weeks after the lightning victory.

The airport has now fallen into their hands and they are in control. Taliban “We will pass because we are journalists, but no Afghan, no citizen can access it.”, In a statement to TF1’s Special Envoy Licern Boulevard at the top of this article, a few meters from the building’s entrance. Behind it, a car park with a few cars parked but where no one is driving, the site is bordered by barbed wire.

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Some planes were intercepted by US forces

Alone “Taliban militant groups” Weapons are scattered to monitor access to the site. “It’s like a war zone here, a war has taken place., Journalist Profile. A few steps from her, an armored vehicle blocking a path reveals a rear window, “Obviously aimed at a shot”. “The Taliban tell us that the Americans just destroyed the equipment before they left, but it is difficult to verify.”, Says our special correspondent.

Some aircraft were not actually used by US forces: there were 73 aircraft “Militarized”, General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of the U.S. military’s central command, told AFP. “These devices will not fly again”, He explained“No one can use them”. Sure, the windows of their cockpits were smashed and their tires flat. Approximately 70 anti-mining MRAP armored vehicles and 27 lightweight Humvee vehicles are no longer in use.

On the ground, behind the barbed wire fence, we can also see clothes and bags strewn across the short length of the lawn: “We still see things that belong to those hundreds, thousands of Afghans who tried to board military planes beyond the airport doors for days and days.”, Hoping to flee the country, the journalist describes. Since August 14, the airlift has allowed the evacuation of about 123,000 people, most of them Afghans.

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The Taliban government is expected to be announced today

The site is now a military zone, but has now fallen into the hands of Taliban special forces. “The best trained and the best equipped”, Liseron Boudoul mentioned in the LCI is mentioned in the video below this Tuesday, August 31st. “We must not forget that there are still threats of terrorist attacks in this area of ​​the airport.”, She recalled.

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Afghanistan: Special Correspondent in Kabul, Liser Bouloul testifies

The journalist also told the story of the situation in which the capital is now bathed in American exclusion. Last night, the rebels celebrated the departure of U.S. troops “Independence of Afghanistan after 20 years of war”. “Just minutes before midnight, we heard the last force plane, C17, flying over Kabul – it went over our heads – and then very quickly machine gunfire and gunfire came across the city.“, Says the journalist.

Now, the structure of the Taliban government is expected to be released today. Residents, they say, are waiting to learn “At a severe rate” Islamic law will be enforced. “They are going to start their lives in another kingdom, with others at the forefront of the country, they do not know what their daily life will be like now.”, The reporter reports.

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