January 16, 2022

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Video – Explosion in the Canaries: Palma Island is apparently growing

Expansion – The volcanic eruption on La Palma Island in the Canary Islands has been going on for more than two weeks. When flowing into the ocean, the volcano solidifies and forms a large landmass, which already measures 30 hectares.

After the Gumbre Vija collapses on the banks of the volcano, the glowing Magma River continues to flow from the rocks. As shown by the stunning images of the subject DF1 at the top of this article, it still evaporates and solidifies in the volcanic sea and gains land. Palma Island is growing, an event that lasts for a week. And the new “Lava Peninsula” already covers an area of ​​30 hectares.

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Initially a volcano forms at a depth of 4000 meters, Volcanologist Jack-Henry Partintchef explains to TF. “Then it grows little by little, comes out millions of years ago and since then becomes an island, which continues to grow with each eruption.”

“But the sea will erode all this”, Moderates the expert. “Of the 30 hectares found today, 15 could be lost later.” The volcanic eruptions that formed the archipelago of the Canary Islands are only the latest in a long cycle of inherent destruction and construction in the very existence of La Lama Island.

Volcanic eruptions are rampant

In total, the volcano already covers 400 hectares of the island, and no expert has advanced to predict the outcome of the eruption chapter. The craters of the volcano increase and their intensity doubles. The volcano does not have a “fixed” crater like Edna or Vesuvius, and eruption points are unpredictable.

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The emergency military unit monitors Magma’s progress for hours and picks up people who come to collect supplies from their homes in endangered areas. All locations have already been cleared from the map, while others are threatened.

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La Palma: Notable images of volcanic eruptions

“We are organizing our new life”, Explains a resident who has to abandon his home. “We are trying to move forward day by day, with our heads held high and a smile on our faces, waiting to see how the future will unfold.”

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The victims are living with permanent pain, which has devoured them since the outbreak began 17 days ago. This is because if thirty hectares are reclaimed from the sea that have not been exploited for centuries, the volcano threatens many more areas and calls into question the island’s habitat. But the islanders are unanimous on this point: no law can prevent them from continuing to live below their volcano.

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