December 8, 2021

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Video – More than 1,000 die in one day: Govt-19 epidemic erupts in Russia

Outside – Russia faces the third most violent wave of epidemics in months. Delayed crisis is particularly linked to low vaccination rates.

Although Russia has set records for COV-19 contamination in recent days, the country is struggling to accelerate the pace of the vaccine campaign, which has been hit hard by the COV-19 epidemic in Europe. In a single day this Sunday, more than 34,300 contaminants were identified. The previous day, Saturday, October 16, Russia had crossed the symbolic limit of a thousand deaths daily.

At a hospital in Samara, 1000 km east of Moscow, we do not know how to greet the sick. Across the country, health services are plentiful. “We have decided to request all planned oxygen supplies to the factory to maintain reserves for hospitals.”, Health Minister Armen Benyon said in a statement.

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Govit-19: The Vaccine Challenge

The third wave began last June in this country where nothing or almost nothing was imposed. Despite the obligation to provide QR codes to access public spaces in some regions, health restrictions are very limited. The Kremlin refused nationwide control in hopes of protecting its economy, but increased pollution and the number of deaths.

In addition, only 32% of Russians are fully vaccinated, according to official data, due to widespread distrust among the population over vaccines. “I should have been vaccinated, it’s completely irresponsible to me,” The victim feels sorry for the patient. If I can today, I will. “

“There are a lot of fake vaccines, people buy fake certificates”

However, the locally produced vaccine Sputnik 5 is promising: readily available, recognized as effective by many studies, including the British Journal of Science The Lancet He argues that in February 2021 the serum had an efficiency of 91.6%. But that is not enough to convince the Russian people at large to be vaccinated. “It’s no secret, there are a lot of fake vaccines, people buy fake certificates, Emergency physician Ilya Demidov explains. They do not believe, so there is no security. “

The effectiveness of Sputnik serum is questionable internationally. In a survey conducted by Radio France, the company that developed the vaccine, Camelena, revealed that French hospitals were skeptical about the reliability of the information exchange. The Lancet. Although the vaccine is used in more than 70 countries around the world, the European Drug Administration has not yet verified it.

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Russians who can afford it are now looking to get vaccinated abroad. For others, lotteries are organized and try to encourage vaccination, the key to winning apartments.

The country has recorded more than 223,300 deaths since the outbreak, according to official data, the highest death toll in Europe. That number could rise to more than 400,000 deaths, according to Rossstad Statistics, which accepts the broad definition of deaths associated with the corona virus.

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