December 8, 2021

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Violence in Beirut raises fears of dark years in Lebanon

Lebanese military columns are pasted around the Tayne Crossroads, in the center of Beirut, on the road that separates the Christian neighborhood of Ain el-Remmaneh, mainly from Shia, mainly Shia.

Dozens of young people ride on their scooters, erasing the scars of conflict, just a few hours ago, on Thursday, October 14, in two neighborhoods where workers and small businessmen live. Impacts on cars, debris from windows exploding under bullets and debris from rockets: On each side of the road, in the days of the Civil War (1975-1990) again a border line between West Beirut and East Beirut, people are busy clearing these traces.

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The violent eruption killed six people on the Shia side and wounded thirty-two, frightened children and entire families in surrounding schools, rekindling memories of the dark years. In a coma, why the El-Remmane district was the site of the crisis that sparked the war on April 13, 1975, and then the port of Beirut, with the August 2020 eruption. Some fear that the intensification organized by the Shia movements Hezbollah and Amal around the investigation into this drama is not a preview of a new beligos cycle.

On October 14, a woman hid in the back of a car with her children in the Ain El-Remmane area of ​​Beirut.

Shiites have called for a boycott of the assembly in Beirut on Thursday “Politicization” Examining Magistrate, Tarek Pittar. Hezbollah is on the defensive, suspecting the presence of explosives in the port is not alien. Its chairman, Hassan Nasrallah, raised his voice on Monday in the face of a judge’s obstinacy in questioning senior officials, including two former ministers of Amal. Shia ministers have threatened to resign if the government does not step in to remove the magistrate. “There is a deliberate desire to force a conspiracy against the justice system. They shoot in all the cylinders. It is clear that something in the investigation is bothering them. They want to control all the cocks,” he said. Analyst Kareem Pithar, Director of the Department of Political Science at St. Joseph’s University in Beirut.

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Do not submit to “intimidation”

The day before the protest, Samir Kekia, leader of the Lebanese Forces (FL), a party of former Christian militants, called on the people not to submit. “Threats” Of the powerful Shia movement. The Christian community firmly believes that the port explosion was an attack on them, to which Hizbullah is responsible. The walk of supporters of God’s party in its vicinity, which was seen as a provocation, provoked fear. On social networks, news attacks attacking Christian sects to prevent them from reaching East Beirut.

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