January 19, 2022

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Vladimir Putin announces legislation to exclude opponents from elections in Russia

On Friday, June 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a law banning employees of organizations. “Terrorists” Participate in the election. A move announced by the opposition as a way to neutralize it ahead of the assembly elections in September.

The law, which was adopted by delegates and senators of the Federal Council on Wednesday in May, was published on the official portal of Russian law when it was signed by the Kremlin president. This text prohibits those involved in a company “Terrorist” To be selected.

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The law is widely seen by critics of the Kremlin as targeting supporters of opposition Alexei Navalny, and the courts are seeking to classify its structures. “Terrorists”, As well as ultra-national and religious organizations.

The effect of this procedure is beyond doubt: the competitor’s network of regional offices is already classified. “Terrorist” By financial supervisory services; He announced his dissolution to protect against possible legal action against its members.

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Enemies targeted by quests

According to the opposition, the government is trying to clean up before the parliamentary elections in September, while the Kremlin party, United Russia is unpopular, according to opinion polls, amid economic stagnation and a number of corruption scandals. Many critics of Russian power have come under scrutiny in recent days, one of whom is Andrei Bivovarov, head of the Open Russia organization, who has been linked to the oligarchy of the deported Michael Koderkovsky oligarchy and has been detained for two months.

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Alexei Navalny was imprisoned when he returned to Russia in January, after which he blamed the Kremlin for several months after recovering from poisoning. He was later sentenced to two and a half years in prison in a 2014 related case that he denounced as political. He went on a 24-day hunger strike in April, denouncing his detention in a penal colony northeast of Moscow.

The 45-year-old opponent on Friday said in a post on Instagram “Thanks to everyone [l’]‘Around and [le] Support “, Ensures morale. “My success this year, I hope I can say today that I’m out of the mood of a cage beast.”, He further, mentions his detention, and “Many Strange Things That Happened To Me During The Year”.

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