January 16, 2022

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Volcanic eruption at La Palma: The lava reaches the ocean via a second lane, forming a new delta, the last sensational images filmed by a drone

The lava advanced to a depth of half a kilometer and 250 meters into the sea. As a result, the island grows.

Gumbre Vija Volcano Erupted on September 18th. Since then, the island La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain) Planned by impressive continuous volcanic flow and multiple eruptions Volcanic bombs Or spread A thick layer of ash everywhere.

The eruption is the most significant on the island of La Palma in the last 100 years.

A new delta

And Volcanic flow Didn’t seem to stop. She has already reached out Atlantic Ocean And advanced to a depth of half a kilometer and 250 meters in the water, According to our colleagues from Eltime.es. As a result, the island grew to about 30 hectares with the formation of a new delta.

In addition, it would have clarified the second route for volcanic water, which is evidence of recent aerial images being filmed. Drone The Canary Islands Emergency and Safety Center (CECOES) covers about ten hectares of land, part of which is a banana plantation and a few houses. Spectacular and terribly disturbing at the same time.

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