January 19, 2022

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Volcanic eruption in La Palma – Blocks of molten rock fall down the side of the house the size of a volcano, again this Tuesday unusual images

On Tuesday, October 12, Gumbre Viza showed no signs of slowing down. Pushed by new slopes into the main abyss last weekend, the erupted volcano is very fluid and very powerful.

The so-called “irregular” blocks are now being carried toward the ocean by the impressive volcanic eruption created since this weekend. The word irregular is used to refer to these “floating” pieces of rock, sometimes too large and unable to withstand the force of the volcanoes emitted by the Gumbre Viza volcano.

Impressive glowing blocks are pulled by the volcanic flow

It is worth noting that this is the size of the volcanic rocks seen from this last hour on the sides of the volcano. According to the scientists at the site, the rocks are huge, sometimes as large as a three-story building.

The Spanish Geological Survey (IGME) has released a video taken near a new volcanic eruption in which volcanic river-powered volumes can be seen, some rocks “equivalent to a house,” IGME agents say.

Seismic activity

Earthquake events also continue In the last few hours, there has been a new earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale On the island of La Palma, its epicenter was at a depth of 13 kilometers.

In the first hours of Tuesday, the National Geographic Institute (IGN) detected 18 earthquakes on the Canary Islands of La Palma, the largest of which reached 3.7. Of the 18 earthquakes that occurred on Tuesday, 11 occurred in Funcoliente, 5 in Maso and 2 in Dasagorte. 8 earthquakes 3. magnitude greater than reported.

Lava deltas are advancing dangerously

The volcanic delta that has formed in the sea is constantly rising and will soon reach a deeper part, raising fears that the front of the site will collapse. Experts fear “emissions of gases and explosions”, except for “small waves of small dimensions” caused by this decay event.

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The intensity of the volcano is maintained

Finally, the eruption activity of the volcano triggered by the new fall of the Valley Cone is very intense. Significant volcanic eruptions erupt on the sides of the volcano, raising fears of extinction. This Tuesday, October 12, Lava covered 595 hectares of land on the island of La Palma, which is four on Monday.