December 8, 2021

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Volcanic eruption in La Palma – Dogs trapped in a volcano were actually secretly rescued by a group of anonymous beneficiaries.

They were thought to be missing, but the dogs trapped by the lava in La Palma were actually evacuated by a group of anonymous beneficiaries who quietly organized their operation, while a rescue operation by drone was planned.

The story deserves a movie. While everyone was busy searching for dogs trapped on the roof in La Palma, we learned that they had already been evicted by a group of anonymous beneficiaries on Friday, October 22, to begin the planned rescue operation. The rescue was carried out Sunday.

Already on Thursday, Aerokamaras drones, which were to carry out rescue operations, found a banner where the dogs had gone missing. This message includes: “Strength in La Palma, dogs work well, A team signed”. A message signed to “Group A” posted on stated: “We are a team of anonymous animal caregivers”.

The group had to walk through the lava

To get the dogs out, the members of this group took all the risks. Passing the checks, they reportedly walked more than 500 meters through a dry volcano to reach where the dogs were. This, with a heat camera, will keep the volcano in very cold places and will be fitted with protective clothing. Footprints discovered by aerocomorous drones confirm this hypothesis.

The good news: Many Spanish media outlets are announcing that dogs are reuniting with their families. The question now is who is this famous Group A? Theories converge, but most relay news that users are actually hunters in the area. Because to do such a feat you need to know the surroundings. The mystery remains …

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