January 16, 2022

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Washington says it is “very concerned” about China’s “military provocations.”

The island government on Saturday condemned the massive intrusion of Chinese military aircraft into its air defense identification zone.

The United States said to itself on Sunday, “Very worriedChina’s “military provocations” Judged near Taiwan “Disruptive“For that”Regional peace and stability“, According to the State Department.”We urge an end to Beijing’s military, diplomatic and economic pressure and its pressure against Taiwan“US Diplomatic Net Prize spokesman confirms, reaffirms”Unwavering commitmentAmerican with the island.

Taiwan on Saturday condemned the massive intrusion of Chinese military planes into the island’s air defense identification zone, in a space where a country wants to identify and locate aircraft for national security reasons.

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A new record

Beijing first set a new record by sending 38 Chinese military aircraft, including a nuclear-capable H-6 bomb, on Friday, the anniversary of Communist China. But the record was surpassed on Saturday with 39 incursions into Taiwan, the defense ministry said.

According to Net, these Chinese movements “Increase the risk of errors in judgmentThe watershed claimed by Beijing, but separates China’s mainland from the island of Taiwan, which Washington and other countries consider international waters, is open to all.

The revelation comes just days after Beijing criticized Britain for sending a warship to the Taiwan Strait for the first time since 2008. The island’s 23 million people, now ruled by a democratic regime, live under the constant threat of Chinese invasion. Beijing regards the territory as a rebel province and, if necessary, must return to its territory by force.

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