January 19, 2022

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What do we know about allegations of sexual violence targeting New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

He is accused of being one of the most powerful elected officials in the United States Of Bullying Sex. New York has Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo “Sexually harassed several women, including former and current state officials”Completes an independent investigation 165 page long report (In English) Released on Tuesday, August 3rd. The inquest was led by New York State Attorney Ledidia James. Eight women have condemned the inappropriate gestures and words of 63-year-old Andrew Cuomo, who has been influential New York state president for ten years since February. The elected official denies the allegations. Franinfo explains to you what the results and consequences of this investigation are.

11 victims of sexual violence

In the report, the eleven victims describe in detail their meeting with the governor, their exchanges and the attacks they say they were victims of. Among them are former and current New York state officials, including a woman who was assigned to the governor’s security service at his request after meeting Andrew Cuomo in November 2017, the report describes.

“Unwanted Kisses and Hugs”, “Inappropriate comments”, Inappropriate gestures, citing a long list of misconduct by the governor in the report, were repeatedly accused of laying hands on his staff in an indecent manner.

A “toxic” work environment

According to the results of the investigation, the governor and his staff are present “Retaliated against at least one employee for testifying.” In a background“Toxic work environment”. “A culture where you can’t say no to the governor.”, Jun Kim, one of the investigators, spoke briefly to the prosecutor at a news conference on Tuesday.

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Some precautions were taken to protect Andrew Cuomo. For example, the executive officer (governor’s office) refused to report the harassment allegations of Charlotte Bennett, an executive assistant, to the relevant authorities and instead decided to establish a practice of preventing some female employees from being isolated. Andrew Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo Rejects The Charges

Governor On July 17 it was heard at length by investigators. “I did not touch anyone inappropriately, I did not make inappropriate sexual comments.”, The politician said in a speech facing the broadcast camera Its account D.Witter.

During this intervention, he tried to deny the allegations or put them forward, especially as he said “People kiss on the forehead, cheek”, Or hugging them, the habit of keeping them relaxed, he said. He attached photos of Joe, the current or former US president, to the 85-page document to defend himself. பிடன்George Bush or Barack Obama, hugging or kissing others.

“I now understand that there are generational or cultural issues that, frankly, I don’t fully understand. I learned from that “, He said, at the beginning of m Kalpa. He noted that he had invited an expert to establish Of New rules and procedures for combating sexual harassment within its administration.

Joe Biden and other members of his political camp are demanding his resignation

Despite Andrew Cuomo’s denials, demands for his resignation increased in his camp, up to President Joe. பிடன். “I think he should resign,” he said. The president of the United States, who is considered a friend of the governor from the White House, announced. Last March, Joe பிடன் It was estimated that if the elected representative confirmed the allegation of sexual harassment targeting him, he should resign. “I think he will probably be prosecuted.”, He added.

Nancy, the Democratic leader of the House of Representatives PelosiAfter the attorney’s statement was released, she asked the governor to step down.

Inquiry into the dismissal of the Governor

U.S.No trial leading up to the governor’s indictment has already been opened before New York State Parliament and lower house Democrat leader Carl. Hesty, Promised on Tuesday to expedite the process. District AttorneyAlbany, State Capital, David Soros, a “Criminal investigation is ongoing” And encouraged victims to come forward.

Towards the end of his political career?

Andrew Cuomo has been Governor of New York State since 2011, where he was re-elected in 2014 and 2018. He is expected to run again in 2022. Further Is increasingly weakening. The findings of the survey rush to youHe seriously downplayed this experienced politician who pretended to be a real star To the strong During the Govt-19 crisis in the spring of 2020, many recognized his ability and his grip to handle the situation. However, it is State pension homes have recently been accused of reducing infection.

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