December 8, 2021

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What do we know about the “crisis section” at the Willard Hotel?

Since 1847, the elegant luxury hotel Villiart InterContinental has welcomed a stone-throwing. White House A wealthy clients, visiting personalities and many politicians. But by early January 2021, the company would have run a major “crisis division”.
Donald Trump, Directly involved
Attack on Capitol on January 6. 20 minutes This cell is now being taken into account at the center of the parliamentary inquiry into the incident.

Who is a part of this crisis section?

Three people met in Villiers before and after the attack on Congress by supporters of the former Republican president: lawyers Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman, as well as Donald Trump’s close ally Steve Bonan. But according to independent journalist Seth Abramson, several dozen relatives of the millionaire attended the company in the days leading up to the attack. He cites Conservative political adviser Roger Stone, former spokesman Jason Miller, campaign adviser Boris Epstein and former New York police chief Bernard Kerrick and others.

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, would have been the leader of this small staff. The Washington Post The long-term work of the entire committee, which rallied to give the Republican millionaire a second term, evokes notes that prove day and night. The newspaper also reveals that the rooms for this cell focus were paid $ 55,295 through Donald Trump’s campaign account from December 18 to January 8.

Why is the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry interested?

The Commission is really very interested in Steve Bonan, The key architect of Donald Trump’s 2016 victory. He is suspected of being involved in the “communications campaign” of the campaign to stop the theft of Capitol’s “attack-inducing”, and participated in the events of “that day” from the crisis staff. This is not the first time Steve Bannon’s name has been mentioned in this case. In the book Danger, Which describes the last weeks of Donald Trump, two journalists Washington Post Explain that he would have incited the president to use election fraud to prevent the January 6 election from being validated.
Joe Biden.

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On the January 5 podcast, Steve Bannon predicted the “success” of this strategy the next day. “Everything comes together and it’s time to attack,” he said. Bob Woodward, one of the authors, said that Steve Bannon and Donald Trump “understood that it was time to blow things up, and that’s what they did.” Danger. The former adviser’s explanations are considered necessary to understand Donald Trump’s events and actions, but he declined to testify. So the House of Representatives decided to start
Case for obstructing the work of Congress, Refers to Steve Bonan to federal judges.

Was Donald Trump directly involved?

The president is determined American Jan. 5 called the crisis cell after an interview with Mike Pence. During the meeting, the vice-president refused, the teachers said Danger, To block the January 6 referendum, Donald Trump had earlier declared the opposite for his supporters. Faced with this turn, what was the president’s reaction during the phone conversation with the crisis staff? The Commission of Inquiry wants to obtain telephone records of the transactions linked to January 6th.

To Robert Costa, other writer DangerThe purpose of this conversation is to coordinate this effort to speak for Mike Pence the next day. The journalist explains that lawyer John Eastman was the one who first created the legal argument to block the vote of Congress by arguing Mike Pence fraud. John Eastman acknowledged at a radio station in Denver last May that the “Willard Hotel’s crisis unit (which) coordinated all communications”.