December 8, 2021

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What is the condition of the roads on Thursday?

Transportation is very difficult. On Thursday, November 25, 2021, several checkpoints were identified throughout the entire road network. The union, which is staging a general strike, counts roadblocks as an indicator of pressure ahead of a meeting with politicians this Thursday, November 25, at 10am.

This Thursday, November 25, 2021 the number of roadblocks in the city of Martinique increased. On the road, traffic is heavy and motorists have to be patient. Sometimes you just have to get around the smoking barriers

Or negotiate its passage if possible.

There has been a call between the unions to occupy strategic points on the Martinique roads. Interruptions are recorded (Incomplete list) To:

-Rond-Point de Mahalt

-Rondabout de Carrère

– Lafayette A Rivière-Salée Roundabout

Jean de Arc Roundabout in Lamentin, toward Long-Pray

– Roundabout of the Plastic Factory in St. Joseph

– Rond-point de Pelletier (Lamentin)

– Rocher Zombi in the Poirier district of Rivière-Pilote.

– Round point of the Lorraine distillery.

The situation is complicated, especially in Poto, Lorraine, Clarice Jean-Baptist in St. Mary’s and Dukes Roundabout in Cross-Morne.

To the south is not excluded from this event are the circuits of the city of Barreto in Saint-Ann, and the circuits of Pierre Blue in the Marines.

At the center, roundabouts are impassable from Desrochers to Didier and from Rwineville.

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