January 16, 2022

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Who wants to conquer El Chapo’s hideout?

His tank hid a tunnel. Prior to his arrest in Mexico, the most famous Mexican drug trafficker, Joaquin “El Chapo”, allowed Guzman to escape from the home. Life sentence, in 2019, In the United States. Mexican Lottery Wednesday, September 15, acts as this amazing hideout. Other sites worth a total of 10 million euros were confiscated from drug lords as part of a dirty money scheme to fund community projects.

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For this draw, which was organized during the national holiday, 2 million lottery tickets were put up for sale at 250 pesos (10 euros) per unit price. Located in the named state (northwest) is the former president’s hideout of Sinaloa, with its two bedrooms and its small garden valued at only 155,000 euros. Other places are quite spectacular. At head, 3,000 m2It belongs to Amato Guerrero Fundes, the former leader of Juarez Cardinal, who died during a cosmetic operation in 1997, “El Cenor de los Silos”. Nine rooms, swimming pool, jacuzzi, party room … worth over மில்லியன் 3 million.

The Mexican government mentions the lottery ticket a customer wants to buy in an attempt to win one of the possessions of the drug lords, which was activated by the Mexican government on September 13, 2021.

Unique mechanism

But the media and Internet users turned their eyes to the monument to El Mappo’s mafia exploits. In February 2014, soldiers fought to break down the iron doors of his hideout. It was time for him to implement the unique mechanism of raising the bathtub, freeing a path connecting the seven houses between them.

Priced three times, “El Chapo” occult did not find buyers, did not worry about the risk of revenge

The man nicknamed the “King of the Mines” will soon be arrested. El Chapo escapes from prison, a year later, thanks to another tunnel. Detained again, in 2016, he will finally be extradited to the United States, where he is serving his sentence.

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The house, seized by the prosecutor, is an acronym for Indestudo Para DeVolver al Pueblo lo Roboto (“the company that returns stolen goods to the public”). The trigger name for a hijacking plan created by center-left President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (“AMLO”) at the end of 2018 is determined to deal with the “Narcosin” jackpot.

Thus the Independent owns villas, cars, jewelry, boats and private jets, valued at 20 million euros. The company organizes auctions, the proceeds of which are used for scholarships and pensions in a country where almost half of the population is poor.

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Priced three times, the “El Chapo” occult has not found buyers and is undoubtedly at risk of revenge. The same hatred on the presidential plane, without auction, was sold by the military. The symbol of the “AMLO” fight against the “abuses” of the political elite, the luxury Boeing 787 a year ago also played the jackpots of the national lottery. Its value (93 million euros) was divided into 20 million pesos (852,000 euros) each as one hundred prizes. Since then, in the absence of a buyer, the device still sits in a hangar in Mexico City. On the other hand, the “El Chapo” hideout is due to find its new owner on Wednesday. But it will not be a prize for the winner.