January 22, 2022

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Why is the world afraid of the emergence of a new variant? Ask our journalists your questions

Omigron: The reaction of Japan and South Korea

One and a half years after various sanctions against Kovit-19 in Japan and South Korea, November was about to begin to return to normal, which helped the two countries – vaccination rates – 76.7% and 79, 5% respectively – to avoid imbalances. The sheets are as intense as Europe and America.

The emergence of the Omicron variant prompted Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to announce on Monday, November 29, at midnight on Tuesday, November 30, that the borders would be closed anew for a month. it is a ” Temporary action until further information on Omicron is available, Before adding it, Mr. Kishida explained. In the event of an unknown danger, it is advisable to take all precautionary measures.

Japan is particularly concerned about the positive test for Kovit-19 from a man who came to Tokyo from Namibia on November 27. He may have an Omicron variant. The results of his study will be revealed over the weekend.
Faced with this new threat, the number of passengers allowed to the archipelago each day will be reduced from 5,000 to 3,500. Isolation measures will be tightened for those passing through South African countries and those coming from Europe or Israel.

These control measures put an end to the intimidating relaxation decided by Japan on November 8, which allowed the arrival of workers or students. South Korea is in a similar situation. The President, Moon Jae-in, abruptly ended on Monday 28 November, launching the Living with Coward campaign, closing the border to people from eight countries in South Africa for fear of Omigran diversity.There is November should ensure that the restrictions imposed as part of the “zero Govt” policy are relaxed by February 2022.

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In addition to the threat of the Omicron variant, South Korea is experiencing an unprecedented increase in pollution. Authorities have registered nearly 4,000 daily cases since mid-November, up from 2,000 at the end of October. To expedite the administration of booster shots and increase the number of hospital beds, Mr. Moon promises. He also called for intensification of vaccination for adolescents aged 12 to 17 years.

Philip Mesmer (Tokyo, Correspondence)