December 8, 2021

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Woman killed by French soldiers during counter-terrorism operation

The incidents took place “during an espionage operation in an area where elements of an armed terrorist group were found.”

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There was a woman “Neutralized” Monday, October 18, in Mali, by French soldiers of the Bergen Army “Spying in an area east of Kochi where elements of an armed terrorist group have been found“The body of an unidentified woman was buried in a statement issued by the army on Tuesday.

This “Battle Team” French “With a Malian unit”. During this process, “Two persons on a motorcycle” Were first “Detected”. “From the perspective of French and Malian soldiers”, They have “Abandoned the motorcycle and positioned themselves in a tree.” “Abandoned assault rifle, ammunition and an army bag” “found near motorcycle”.

Then the soldiers “He started looking for one of the two people in the tree.” “Four Warning Scenes” Would have been “Made to stop the latter”, Without success. “As the overdraft approached, the individual turned sharply towards a soldier who had used the neutralization fire. The soldiers then joined the neutralized person and discovered that it was ‘a woman’., Can we also read in this document?

“The Commander-in-Chief of the Burgain Army commenced an investigation to clarify the exact course of events and to have a thorough understanding of this combat operation.”, The Ministry states.